Monday, August 31, 2009

What We Wore: Tights and Boots and Blue

Fall is definitely in the air in Boston today! It's going to get up to the mid-seventies later, but the morning was certainly crisp. We have been stocking up (haha, we love that pun every time) on tights for the cooler weather and had also scored a couple of pairs of gorgeous boots on clearance over the summer, so we possibly jumped the gun-- it still being technically August-- on the autumn thing.

Does anyone else feel like doing laundry is like going shopping all over again? We finished five loads yesterday and in one of the black loads (we did an all purple/pink load, an all teal/blue load, two black and one white. Ha!), we found this cute, cute little smocked-elastic-waist v-neck cotton dress that we had completely forgotten about picking up (at Marshalls, probably?) recently. We were like "what the heck is this?" But we're thrilled we decided to be super-productive and plunder the depths of the hamper, because it is magnificent with the bright tights, boots, and new-by-us statement piece (OK so it's not huge or anything, but still, multiple strands are a stretch for us). We know the whole thing is pretty matchy-matchy, and frankly, we like it that way.

Earrings and necklace with vintage jet faceted glass, a gift from our dear friend IVStuffs and IVJools at etsy aka InspiredVintageJewelry- check out her blog!

Left hand: our David Anderson leaf antique bracelet, plus a luscious "end-of-day" charm bracelet in blues by us. Filigree ring from MetroStyle and pretty lilac sapphire engagement ring by JewelsCurnow at Etsy.

Right hand: Awesome new double-serpent crystal ball ring from the Oregon Country Fair, and studded faux leather cuff, totally pilfered from our just-about-teenage son (someone should really talk to us about this...)

We're terribly excited about our new faux-snakeskin scrunchy boots from Famous Footwear, complete with almost- perfectly reasonable walking heel. Oh, yes.

Are you apprehensive or pleased about the impending change of seasons? Are you feeling it yet where you are? Summer is our absolute favorite season of all, but boots are our absolute favorite footwear of all, so we're kind of OK with it.


  1. Lovely colors!
    I'm usually pleased to greet each new season... this morning was chilly (northern CA) but Friday/Saturday were super hot so I'm having a hard time believing Fall is around the corner! I guess for us it will be another few weeks.

  2. Love the boots. It's still to hot down here to wear mine yet... and of course, there are the mixed feelings of not being able to wear all my sandals for a while when it cools off enough to wear the boots. :)

  3. I've been doing the blue/black combo myself lately. It's been unusually cold in Chicago, too, and the boots keep sneaking onto my feet.

  4. I love fall, and all the tights and boots that come with it :)

  5. Bring on the impending change of seasons!! Love the boots and necklace :)

  6. Love your blog!!! Im a new reader for sure :)

  7. you asked: Does anyone else feel like doing laundry is like going shopping all over again? I do is my answer! lovely colour I love the black boots... they are awesome

    Clelia from London... By the way in London Autum is started few weeks ago :)


  8. I love Autumn and the colours associated with it!!

  9. Wow, I love it all.
    This is all so amazing.


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