Monday, August 17, 2009

What We Wore Monday: Pastels With Zero Edge

Today we just decided to go girly. No punk rock; no skulls; no black AT ALL. Can you believe it?!
Here's our fairly faithful representation via Polyvore!

Outfit Aug 17- No Black!
Outfit Aug 17- No Black! by ThriftyStylist featuring Forever21

This is the first appearance of the lovely teal linen skirt we found at Goodwill a few weeks ago and then promptly got foundation on the first day we tried to wear it (sigh).

We'd like to take this moment to lament that does not ship to the US, because dear god we find the greatest, cheapest deals while looking for "like items" to our wardrobe on Polyvore, like this adorable little linen-blend with silk trim cardigan on clearance for $8.30. Please come across the pond, debenhams! The thrifty fashion chicas on this side also love good deals! You lucky, lucky Brits!

Our actual cardigan is a sheer mesh shrug-type thing with a center tie. We found it at Vicky's on clearance a while back and we swear we'd buy one in every color if we could find them... Perfect office cover-up without the bulk or heat of a "real" sweater (it's looking to be in the 90s this whole week so we sure wish we had a few more of these!)

We're rocking more flowers in the hair (of course), although this time it's a hairpin-type double flower stuck into the top of our messy bun, instead of a tucked-behind-the-ear clip. We just ordered some rose-and-feather clip fascinators from SweetXcessories and can't wait to get them! We honestly can't believe we haven't been wearing flowers in our hair always. It's so us.

The least thrifty thing about this outfit is the bag. We did mention this purse back in the beginning, but it's worth another word. We normally don't care for expensive handbags- especially if they're only expensive due to the name brand- but we discovered this one, at HoakonHelga at Etsy, made from reclaimed leather (we're pretty sure it was something Prince made Sheila E. wear) and we had to have it. And we're glad we did- it's held up extremely well, looks terrific with just about any ensemble, and receives many compliments, which can be turned into opportunities to spread the bleeding-heart-liberal message about the issues of buying new leather :D

Do you like? What are you wearing for the "dog days of summer" (if you're in the northern hemisphere?)

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