Friday, August 14, 2009

The Look for Less: Mandy Moore, Lucky Mag Cover 9/09

If you have a subscription or bought the September issue of Lucky, you probably salivated endlessly, as we did, over the incredible Zac Posen purple silk ruffly top Mandy Moore wears on the cover (you see it there below the cover image):

Image via BudgetChic

But, it being over $300, we could never in a million years consider purchasing it.

Nor this one, from Parker via LuvCharlie, which is $148 (maybe it'll, uh, go one sale?)

So since those gorgeous 100% silk, saturated color, beautifully cut blouses are just existing in our wildest dreams, but we still love and crave purple and ruffles, here are some adorable (if not wholly comparable) versions under $25!

Most of these are from UK shops, (of course, should we say?) but all are amazing deals: $9-23. Click through to the set on Polyvore for purchase.

Are you a purple person? Are you excited to see such a preponderance, as we like to say, in fall fashions?


  1. I've NEVER been a purple person before, but for some reason the bug has finally bitten me, I bought a fabulous purple purse recently for starters!

  2. i'm definitely a purple person! great finds!


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