Monday, August 3, 2009

Today's Outfit (via Polyvore): Bold Color

You would never have seen us in this color combination pre-blog, but we're becoming much more adventurous thanks to our fellow daily fashion bloggers! Sorry for no pictures today-- our bathroom is a construction site at present and that's the only full-length mirror-- but we re-created as best we could on Polyvore.

Outfit August 3
Outfit August 3 by ThriftyStylist featuring Forever21

We got our cute cropped cardigan (minus the flower detail here, sadly), $7, and crepe-y crinkle skirt at Marshall's, $15, our silver strappy sandals at Payless, $15, blue T-shirt at Old Navy, $10, and the pink flower hair clip this weekend at Claire's, $2.60 (we told you we needed to start wearing flowers in our hair and made good on the promise with 6 clearance clips for under $10 this weekend!). We are giving the tucked-in T-shirt a shot, too (another something we never do!)... Our earrings are actually by us, not the ones in the mock-up, but these:

(We like 'em way better anyway), materials (?)~$7. They were destined for the shop but, as things are wont to do, ended up in our collection before photos were ever taken.

Cost of entire outfit: approximately $56.60

Just in case you feel you must duplicate the look because we are so totally rad you can't help yourself, here are some other thrifty options! (Has anyone else noticed, by the way, that the UK seems to have all of the cute, cheap clothes? We keep finding awesome deals- if you click through to the listings on Polyvore we suspect you'll see what we mean!).

Copy My Oufit!
Copy My Oufit! by ThriftyStylist featuring Dorothy Perkins

Happy color-mixing!


  1. So cute!! I love everything about it!
    I must start doing wearing some fun color combos!

  2. Actually Dez, you've inspired me to try some different color combination's in my wardrobe and they seem to work out pretty well.

  3. Lovely colors. Like you, I'm getting a little more courageous in this aspect too.


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