Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What We Wore: Corset Belt!

We are wearing a belt! On our actual waist, not to hold pants up! *Gasp*
...And it doesn't look too bad! Maybe we'll try this again ;)

This is the corset belt we mentioned recently, from MetroStyle (which is, incidentally, the same as Chadwick's, both located here in MA). Unfortunately the elastic back is not adjustable, so we had to safety-pin it so it sits on our waist rather than our hips. Oh well! It still looks ridiculously cute. We got a lot of double-takes on the way to work from older women, so evidently this is not your usual day look, or maybe you're only "allowed" if you have no curves (which would be awfully limiting) but we don't really give a damn.

We're wearing a little cardigan from H&M via Goodwill for the office, and the skirt is a linen a-line with "stripes" running down it that are really splits in the fabric, held together with coordinating openwork rickrack-type trim. Awww, how adorable :)!

Earrings by us:


(Complete with terrible 5-second touch-up pedicure; some polish is better than rubbed-off polish, we figured, apparently overzealously).

Moar shoes (stealing Eednic's line!):

We love how the studs on the slides help play up the rock-n-roll nature of this outfit-- also why we chose an army green cami. A little bit punk rock, a little bit girly: that's how we like it.

A little extra bonus today: Thrifty Stylist Boston BEAUTY!
We're rather obsessed with eyeshadow and usually match ours to our top. Today is emerald green with chartreuse highlights and a nice thick cleopatra cat eye. Our eyes are small in proportion to our head (which is also small, but our face= very round) so if we aren't wearing eye makeup we look like some kind of beady-eyed little alien. Swear.

We're also trying to grow out the ol' eyebrows after years and years of overplucking. We are somewhat tired of looking surprised all of the time ;)

We hate really heavy brows, but hope that a more natural line will help dramatize our eyes and also balance out the proportions of our (we think) enormous nose, forehead and chipmunk cheeks :P

Do you pluck? Or wax? A lot? What are your opinions on heavier, more natural brows?

And what do you think- should we keep rocking the belts even though we're not used to them and not so sure they flatter us? Thanks to all of the bloggers who have inspired us to try, at least!


  1. I agree, the curvy women who show the curves get a double take sometimes. But that's exactly what we are meant to do- wear a belt to show we have that shape. If I only wore things that draped at my waist no one would know I had one! I think the belt is tres cute.

  2. you look good with a belt, also those earrings and shoes are fab!

    Also, to answer your question *remix* means I have worn it before, I would put a link on the word to the original outfit but sometimes I just don't have the time :-(

    Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. i was just about to comment on your shoes before reading the rest of the entry. haha! MOAR SHOES!!!!!! those shoes are great. you know...they look good on feet...but for some reason (i've seen shoes similar to these on racks), i don't imagine them to be this cute. but they really are! my thought was jumbled there. but. you get the idea!

  4. eednic, they are really cute, and surprisingly comfortable for a slide. i usually require an ankle strap! but the design of these makes them not-too-stiff and they don't rub like a solid-band slide would... MOAR SHOES always :D

  5. Love it, love it, lovvvvvve it. All of it.
    Pluck the brows and it's such a PITA to let them grow back in now trying to re-establish the normal brow line but keep it from being so unruly also the fact that gray hairs are now sneaking in is just frustrating!

  6. I LOVE the belt! It looks fantastic on your figure. I pluck my eyebrows, but only the unruliest of the bunch to keep it looking natural.

  7. keep rockin'the belt and the fab shoes!

  8. Well I never ever plucked I went straight to waxing. I recommend going to a an American salon though. I went to a Vietnamese salon the first few times and came out looking like I had horseshoes over my eyes no matter how much explaining I did about what I wanted for my shape.

    The belt rocks!! I am a little to round in the middle to pull it off but it looks great on you!

  9. I am definitely curvy and wear a belt about 95% of the time ... It's definitely super flattering! Don't worry about what the "older women" think. You're allowed to wear whatever you want as long as you're happy in it. Personally, I think it looks great! :) So if you felt comfortable (not considering the looks from others) then wear it again! :)

    That's my way of looking at it :)


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