Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Steals and Deals:

We get so excited when we find a new website with ridiculously cheap, adorable clothes. Huzzah!

Happy Friday, dear readers-- today we're exploring the amazingly-priced sale section (and beyond) of Styles for Less, which we discovered on Polyvore while searching out leather jackets (post coming soon!).

First up, our jaw is still hanging out on the floor after we discovered this impossibly cute cardigan for only $5 (S/M/L, also available in yellow and some sort of "pink" that looks orange):

We adore the slightly poufy sleeves and the cropped shape. We have been looking everywhere for another baby cardigan since our hot pink one is a favorite. Score! (Shopping embargos can't count for items that are only FIVE DOLLARS, right?! That's practically free! It's cheaper than Goodwill!)

Also cute, and also only $5, is this 3-belt skinny belt set (can be worn together or separately):

Got a bachelorette party or a date coming up? How delicious is this little sequined ruffly bustier number, only $9, available in coral, green and black:

Big, bold necklaces are clearly the item of the season; kick up your style with this asymmetric long beaded-and-silver one, $3!

Or perhaps the most recent Lucky has you seeking out jewels with tassels... This cute diamond pendant with chain tassel is also only $3!

If you know us at all, you're aware that little excites us like ruffles and jewel tones. Feminine detailing and bright colors come together with natural fabric in this heavenly little sleeveless rayon v-neck tunic, $7:

We've been looking for a leopard-print cardigan for months, to no avail. Styles for Less to our rescue with this precious version, $14.99, which comes in zebra, leopard, and this (not-found-in-nature) pink/grey leopard, which is making us strongly consider including grey in our wardrobe pallette. (They also have another cheetah version in turquoise or grey, non-V-neck, $16.99)

Perhaps you've been craving a whisper-thin sweater wrap but haven't been willing to pay the outrageous prices out there... perhaps you need this one, in acrylic, black or white, $16.99:

Other than some more cheap jewels and basic tees for very little, this is the cutest stuff right now... but sign up for their newsletter to get sales directly in your inbox. We sure did. All orders over $50 receive free shipping- bonus!

Happy Sale-Shopping!


  1. YAY! A fun site. I'm off to take a look =)

  2. Great! I'll be heading over to Styles for Less - for sure!

  3. hubba hubba on the bustier, that is something that I would like to take a second look at. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. edit! the black bustier is more expensive. only the green and coral are on super sale.

    realized i have 4 purple cardigans already-- none of them this cute, but surely can't justify another.

  5. Nice Outfits. I like the black sequined ruffly bustier. Its perfect for my bachelorette party

  6. oh, i would totally rock that cute little sweater up top!

  7. oooh, the belts, the belts! definitely need those belts.

  8. love them all... have you tried this for a bachelorette party??? you can got out of there married too...


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