Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Suggestions for Styling Blue Shoes & Choosing Colors

Inspired by Struggler's recent post about getting rid of her new blue shoes for lack of ideas for styling them (don't do it, darling!), we decided to mock up a few outfits that we think would be perfect. Polyvore to the rescue, as usual. This time we decided to create with a starting point rather than just searching until we found something we liked, so we turned to one of our favorite websites, ColorSchemer, where you are able to buy fabulous color design software, but you can also search the member-curated color galleries for free to find a scheme you particularly like.

We looked through many pages looking for a nice rich blue hue and a lovely palette. There are some combinations that we would never use, of course, but generally speaking they are inspired and quite attractive.

(Another color site we absolutely adore, especially for our design business, is Name That Color. We were searching for a sort-of-royal, sort-of-slate-y blue, perhaps something like "Biscay" (#1D3967). Play with the color wheel tool- you will adore it and improve your color vocabulary drastically. No more "ish" and "-y" in your descriptions ;) )

First, we chose a theme called "Not Your Average Wedding," featuring orchid, peach and charcoal grey.

A couple of cute work looks, with the commonality of color and patterned tights and a feminine, flirty silhouette. We focused on the look here, not the price, so some of these items are a bit on the astronomical side and we advocate you look for suitable budget-friendly replacements if you enjoy the styling.

The second group of colors we chose was a bit too broad in range, so we picked just four of the colors out of it (besides the existing blue of the shoes we chose). It's called "Lady Liberty" and our selections were blue-green, eggplant purple, peachy-pink and navy blue:

These looks would probably be fine for work but might be better on the weekend or going out as they're a bit on the fancier side, but whatever works for you!

Happy confident and creative blue-shoe-sporting!


  1. I think a pair of blue pumps would look really pretty with a bright orange knee-length dress. Complimentary colors, right?

  2. Wow, these are so cool, thank you for taking blue shoes as your inspiration and sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get here. I like the blue with orchid very much - could definitely do that one with a little tactical shopping - and the teal skirt is gorgeous. Having now worn my blue shoes, I realize they're a more subtle, duskier shad than I thought, so I feel a bit happier about mixing them in with other things now. And, having now been worn, they are no longer in danger of going back to the store!
    Thanks again for the creative inspiration here.

  3. as i sat here looking at your styling for blue shoes with peach and orchid etc...i mentally came up with an outfit to wear with my blue shoes! thanks! i might even wear it tomorrow! boomps.


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