Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What We Wore Tuesday: Shawls-R-Us

Just a quick daily outfit post for you!
Wish we had more info on these pieces... sorry...

Teal ribbed sweater, most likely thrifted, ~$7
Black linen ruffle-bottom long skirt, TJMaxx, under $30
Turquoise butterfly-print scarf/shawl, Marshalls, $7.99
Unseen: Black pleather faux-Fryes by Mudd, Famous Footwear, ~$20
Barely visible: Teal flower hair clip, Claire's, $2.99 on clearance
Earrings by us- vintage jet glass (gift= free) and silver filigree balls. Cheep.

Evidently we felt pretty matchy-matchy, much like Monday. Sometimes a girl just wants to rock a theme, can you blame her? We were mostly excited about using the new handbag from the Target mini-spree... Here we have a terrible, terrible photo for you, with coat and purse, in which we look like a psychotic bag lady or something (but at least you can get a better sense of the awesome ruffle situation on the skirt)...

Coat: Brocade from Target, $29.99 several seasons ago- faux fur collar removed, buttons replaced with vintage from Etsy.
Bag: Faux leather from Target, $10.98

Let us know what you think!
Happy Day :D


  1. I love a coat with a touch of vintage, smart move adding the etsy finds!

  2. Yesterday was chilly in the morning. Lovely layering! What did you do this morning during that downpour? I almost floated away LOL!

  3. sher, i was lucky enough to get door-to-door service this morning... my fiance is in carpentry, so rain= day off for him. he drove me to the train station and my office building is right above one, so i barely got a drop :D will try to take pics tonight of today's outfit 'cuz welikes it.

  4. I wish it was cold enough here so I can layer like you did...very nice :)


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