Sunday, October 4, 2009

What We Bought: Target Finds in Teal

Ah, the excitement of scouring the clearance racks on a "quick" trip to Target for toiletries. (We're loving the letter T today, apparently.)

We put back a couple of practically irresistible tops that were under $5 each, but as the man pointed out were neither on our list nor actually needed. Oooh it hurts to have someone acting as your shopping conscience whose finances are actually about to be intrinsically connected with your own.

We had no luck in the tights department (we still need more patterned ones, and a few more colors) but we did find some lovely, fairly supple leather gloves in a cranberry-pinkish color, with wee buttons like old kid gloves (Victorian detailing will sell us every time) for only $17.99, a matte satin belted trench coat in teal for $27.99 (listed online for $39.99! Our store also had purple (we amazed ourselves by resisting) and red, and perhaps one other color? And we also snagged a teal hangbag (it really was on the list!) for $10.98 on clearance. It's absolutely comically huge, but will no doubt fit the lunchbox cooler we also purchased, and even our work laptop, if need be. We would rather carry one huge bag than be that lady with way too many small bags. Here is our autumn collage for you :D

The man was highly skeptical that we actually needed any of these items, but truly, a girl has to have a fine pair of gloves that she really doesn't want to lose (but that aren't too horribly expensive), and we've not got a handbag in teal (and for goodness sake, $11! It'd be a crime not to buy it). And the trench-- a fall coat is of course necessary, yes? And teal is so goooorgeous, darlings. And under $30! Impossible to pass up. Right?

The first thing we're planning to do is to replace the buttons with something vintage so it looks more distinctive and not so mass-produced (shudder. Our conscience/wallet dilemma again...)

When we want vintage buttons, we turn to Etsy. We'll either buy a set or perhaps several different buttons altogether... check out these lovelies we found (our favorites here have the actual listings):

Should we swap out the belt for something contrasting, too? Hmmm... Maybe a little bit of trim somewhere? Ideas...

Did you buy a new coat for fall? Do you own a really nice pair of gloves, or a bag in your second favorite color? (We had at least 3 purple handbags but nary a single teal!) If not, perhaps you should consider buying cheap this time around... and then putting your own spin on it. We find that coat buttons are hard to change well oneself, so we are entrusting ours to the lovely seamstress 'round the corner who repaired our down parka zipper so beautifully last year. (John's on Mt. Auburn in Watertown, if you're local!)

Happy Shopping!


  1. lol... my husband and I have an agreement... he doesn't tell me that I don't need the clothes and shoes that I buy or the jewelry that I make and I don't tell him that he doesn't need all his electronic and computer gadgets. :)
    I miss shopping like I used to though.

  2. loving all your finds!

    look forward to reading you blog!

    xo ash

  3. Love your blog. I too spent the day at Target, sifting through the clearance section. I didn't find as much as you did, but they do have some great stuff in there clearance right now that will work for fall.

  4. I'm going to have to go to target for some gloves!!!

  5. Also, I love the idea of changing out the buttoms for vintage ones. Love that you make mass market stuff your own.

    It gives me an idea for a blazer I have, to switch out the current button for a vintage style one.

  6. I bought a teal little jacket this weekend! Just that colour, yay!

  7. I love the target clearance rack, sometimes I have to avoid it though because I always find multiple things!

  8. Pixie- that's the same agreement we have over here--LOL! I saw that teal coat- LOVE IT!!!

  9. I'm loving all the teal that's suddenly in the shops - you were right to snap up these bits and pieces. The vintage buttons are gorgeous, also.


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