Saturday, October 17, 2009

Resale Shop Revisited: Raspberry Beret

This chilly but lovely Saturday, instead of camping (due to freezing temperatures predicted), we took a swing up to Raspberry Beret in Wakefield, MA (our first trip discussed here) which is quite near the man's house. He dropped us off and went home to see about assimilating the new clown fish to the tank, and we went in, armed with a list (from the Wardrobe Evaluation), determined to buy nothing that was not on it. We failed. Sigh.

In our defense, there really just wasn't much going on for prints, or warm skirts. We did try on a few blouses and one wool and one leather pencil skirt but they just didn't work.

What we bought that was on the list:

A) Our long-coveted blue shoes!!! Yes! A single pair in the store-- Nine West-- and they fit perfectly (score! $11). They have a peep-toe, so we're going to have to get used to visible tights toes or we're not going to be able to wear them until next year. Gasp! Quelle horreur. Here they are, in all of their metallic, crackle-finish sheeny glory (great condition; they look to have been worn only a few times, and definitely not by a girl who has to walk anywhere):

B) A fabulous velvet blazer. Or maybe it's more of a coat. It was in the outerwear section. It's knee-length, blood-scarlet crushed velvet (brighter than the burgundy-ish showing here). From H&M - marked down from $24 to... it might have been $16? Right around there. Probably the most expensive item.

(Please pardon fiance's messy room and even worse light than usual, and note that the jacket is not asymmetrical, just looks it due to the pose). Isn't it just divine?

Things not on the list...

1) Bright purple down vest, NY&Co with tags still attached, originally $99, at Raspberry Beret a mere $10.

Isn't this a very Audi smile? Tee hee.

We think this is an amazing piece for the price. It's a simply gorgeous color, real down, not too bulky but awesomely warm, the silkiest polyester we ever did feel, and it has great detailing like an adjustable (inside) drawstring waist and snap-down-able pocket plackets to keep us from feeling like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, plus dual-action zipper and snap closures. Lovely.

2) Teal velvet beaded scarf, $6. We own a few similar things so this was a Bad Desiree, but it was too pretty and in such great condition that we couldn't pass it up at this price.

3) Ruffly cardigan sweater with bell sleeves, mohair/nylon/wool blend, Ann Taylor, $11. We know we banned ourselves from new purple cardigans, but the rationalization here is that it's such a light purple, almost white, that we think it could be dyed a much stronger color. Perhaps... mustard? (Maybe we'll give that whole yellow thing a shot; it looks so fabulous with purple).

We got these five pieces for just over $50... how we love others' cast-offs!
How did we do?

Happy Weekend!


  1. A total steal. That down jacket is so cute!

  2. Love those blue shoes but I'm not subjecting my feet to such high heels these days. Can't believe the snow I saw at the Patriots game on TV! That is not supposed to happen in October. Good thing we went to CT last weekend!!

  3. they are pretty high at 3 1/2 inches, with no platform (ack), so i'll be saving these for the office only and wearing flats or warm boots in for the commute!

  4. Those shoes are great and amazing deal on that vest!! Very, very nice!! :)


  5. LOVE that velvet jacket! It would be the perfect length to camoflauge my lovely, curvy, womanly hips!



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