Thursday, October 8, 2009

What You Need: Patterned Tights

The most exciting thing about fall, in our opinion, is the opportunity for tights (and boots). We pored over Marshalls and Filene's Basement this summer looking for bright colors and fun patterns to supplement our tights arsenal. The sad thing about stockings is that you cannot expect them to hold up for very long, even with careful wear and washing, so you always have to be on the prowl for more! (OK, so that's not the worst thing on Earth...)

Patterned tights are all over the magazines and runways. Some have the distinct magical properties of making legs appear longer and thinner (see fishnets!) and others just add fun or color to an outfit. We rounded up our favorites $25 and under (we don't particularly like to pay more than $5, but we'll make an exception occasionally-- perhaps for Betsey ;) )
Here's a set via Polyvore featuring chiefly Tilly's (right-click the pic to open in a new window for the links!)

We don't normally go in for orange (or leggings!), but how fabulous are those zebra leggings? We had to include them. We love a little bit of animal print! (Or a lot, as the case may be).

If you're feeling a little bit more adventurous, or perhaps just a bit poorer, here are options from, via Polyvore, under $9. Technically these are costume accessories, but when you are a bit eccentric, that's a great place to seek out unusual things!

We're most enthused about the triple-diamond-patterned ones- they'd look divine on anyone, we think, and are ridiculously sexy but still professional enough to pull off for work! And the tattoo pattern ones are pretty freakin' awesome, too. Hoisery doesn't count for the shopping embargo, because it has to be replaced, right?? (Self-justification process commence!)

Happy tights shopping :D


  1. I love tights. It is my mission to live in them this fall/winter season.

    Marshalls has some great Betsey Johnson tights right now, I almost bought some the other day. They were located in their Cube section. All diffent colors and they were only $10.99/2 pk

  2. hey shopaholic! i think i saw those, too, but in my marshalls they were all the FOOTLESS kind, which i can't stand :P

  3. LOVE the zebra tights. I'll be on the lookout for some like these.

    Great blog!

  4. i just have to say, there are some seriously slutty looking things at that yandy link! :p

    i don't like tights or socks or stockings... or anything tight like that really. i do have some thigh high cable knit socks i got last year though. and would like to get more (for the 6 or so days a year i wear socks). but they do not stay up well at all, so i'm thinking about stitching up some garters or something this winter.


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