Friday, October 9, 2009

What We Wore: Favorite Colors (and Too Much Black)

Our tastes haven't diverged much in the past 15 years or so... while we now love purple and teal best of all, now, at one time it was purple and green (and black, always the black. It's been ubiquitous). We owned purple and green docs and occasionally interchanged the pairs (a la Punky and her Chucks). People often looked at us as though it was possible we had lost our mind, and that was just fine by us (remember, these were the days when your socks and shirt were supposed to match, along with your shoes and bag and belt. Gag).

Since we don't buy much in the way of patterns, we usually have to base an outfit on black + one color, unless we can find two colors that really complement each other. We believe bright (kelly/spring/clover) green and bold purple are two such colors. Witness today's (reproduction of our) outfit (no time for pictures this morning!):

Outfit 10-09-09
Outfit 10-09-09 by ThriftyStylist featuring Forever21

Of course this is merely a representation and not the "real" stuff... The real stuff:

Skirt, corduroy, tiered, with ruffles, TJMaxx, $15
Green v-neckT-shirt, Gap via Goodwill, $6
Black ruffly cardigan, H&M via Goodwill, $6
Purple tights, Claire's, $4.99
Hair clip with purple rose and peacock feather, SweetXcessories at Etsy, $7
Black Spanish leather flat pointy boots, no brand name (the footbed has a red heart on it?), $30 at Off-Broadway Shoe (down from $200+!)

Here are the actual shoes:

"Moar" shoes (for Eednic at FashionablyELate!):

They're kind of like elven cowboy boots. If that makes any sense. Anyway, we love 'em. They're so awesome.

Hope you like it! What are your favorite colors? Do you try to match things based on colors in a pattern, or are you OK with "colorblocking" hues that go well?

Happy Long Weekend (to my U.S. readers- Just plain Happy Weekend to everyone else!)!

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