Thursday, October 29, 2009

Steals and Deals: Body Central

We started receiving the Body Central catalog again quite randomly (cough, MetroStyle selling our info, cough) and were pleasantly surprised to note that the prices seem to have come down since last they solicited our business. Or maybe we're thinking of Boston Proper. Anyway, we found a zillion cute things under $30, so of course we are sharing!

If you've never checked them out, you'll notice that the aesthetic is somewhere between Victoria's Secret and Delia's: sexy tops and junior sizing and a little bit of slutty thrown in. Pieces are priced lower than either of the others, though: bonus!

We were thrilled to see animal-print cardigans offered at only $27-- a leopard cardi is one of the only items left on our list of things we're allowed to buy new! It's so ours. (Click pics to go to Polyvore for links to purchase).

Body Central: Animal Print and Ruffles Under $30
Body Central: Animal Print and Ruffles Under $30 by ThriftyStylist on

The zebra print is adorable and totally on-trend also (we'd wear it with hot pink and turquoise, oh yes). They also offer it in a dalmation print (looks more like snow leopard to us, but whatever), if you prefer black and white to the brown leopard. Isn't the ruffly-charmeuse-neckline pencil-skirt dress stunning as well? And what a price!

We're always looking for cute, feminine layering pieces for work, and BC definitely doesn't disappoint with several little jackets and other great professional (but still fun) basics:

Body Central- Work
Body Central- Work by ThriftyStylist on

Quelle jolie! We especially love the styling of the pencil skirt with bold belt and flowy top- all three pieces are listed. And the lightweight sweaterdress (a major piece for fall into winter!) comes with the belt- both for $27. Not bad!

What BC really excels in is body-conscious (no surprise given the brand name) little tops for going out on the town. You'd be hard-pressed to find details like this at these prices at any other store:

The special little embellishments, like hook-and-eye closures and lace insets and ruffles and sequins just make us squeal with delight!

Have you found any awesome deals lately? Let us know. Hope you enjoy these finds!

Happy Bargain-Hunting!


  1. Hi Dez,

    It's at Metro Rock in Everett -

    Lots of fun!

  2. Yea - Boston Proper is totally expensive - yet very cute stuff - but I've gotten Body Central and it does have some nice stuff....since working at the Raspberry Beret in Wakefield - I can't seem to spend more than 12 bux on a skirt ;)

  3. i like the zebra print cardi. i am trying to save up for x-mas shopping. : ) xo

  4. Yay, for Cyndi Lauper!! That was one of my runner's up but I had more stuff to be Stevie Nicks!! Have so much fun and be safe! Happy Halloween!!

  5. I'm freaking out...I've been searching for animal print cardi's for a while now and these look perfect...thank you so much for posting this!


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