Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What We Wore: Flamenco Wednesday

Love this skirt. Adore this skirt more than we can say, even though the bejeweled waistband is starting to fall apart and we'll probably have to remove the whole thing. But the trim, and the silhouette... ah it was love at first sight (TJ Maxx, under $30 but no exact recollection).

Please pardon the really terrible nighttime photograph (death for the crappy cell phone shot, even more so than usual)...

This looked way better at the beginning of the day... by nightfall the sweater had stretched and wrinkled a bit and the hair was a total nightmare, but we wanted to share anyhow. Perhaps we should keep things like this to ourselves.

We're just guessing here but we think the sweater was about $15 at Filene's Basement. It's viscose. What the heck is viscose? Oh, OK, it's a type of rayon, basically. Which makes it sort of, kind of natural (made from cellulose, or plant fiber). Not so bad.

Boots: our faux python stretchy/scrunchy new-ish stilettos, $30 at Famous Footwear over the summer (detail shot here).

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. 3pm and I've got sweater stretch too!

    Cute outfit!


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