Monday, October 5, 2009

What We Wore: Aubergine Explosion

Outfit-planning for today began with our favorite poufy silk taffeta skirt with flouncy gusseting; taffeta isn't exactly a summer fabric, so it's been hanging up, awaiting a day when it could be released to rustle like the leaves as we walk. A delightful TJ Maxx score, under $30.

Then came the tights. Which tights?! We quickly decided on the aubergine/burgundy Givenchy patterned silky sweater tights (from Marshalls, $5 on clearance, down from jaw-dropping). They're so divinely cozy and soft... We bought three pairs even though they were only available in the one color!

We could have color-mixed, it's true, but we went totally matchy-matchy. We do love purple more than anything, after all. Top: sequined aubergine mesh, $14.99, Filene's Basement (~5 years ago?); eggplant sequined mohair-blend sweater, no clue (?) but probably Marshall's~ under $15. We like how this makes a twinset-- a flashy one, which keeps it out of the preppy-soccer-mom arena-- even though the pieces were purchased totaly separately.

We made a couple of changes to the outfit, both as pictured and as originally envisioned... we had planned to wear the new teal trench coat, but discovered upon donning it that with the poufy skirt we just looked... um... big. Ack. Observe:

Wethinks (teehee) the trench will work better over trouser jeans or a slimmer skirt-- there is just too much volume going on!

Much improved, with shorter leather jacket (if you missed its story, read this!) instead:

These faux-patent buckle boots (Famous Footwear, Etienne Angier, ended up being $8 with BOGO half off plus $10 customer rewards!) thoroughly cut us off in the leg, making us look stumpy and linebacker-calved, so as soon as we got to work we switched them out for our Hot Kiss peeptoe slingbacks (thoughts on tights showing through peeptoes or even *gasp* sandals? It's all over the magazines. We remain somewhat skeptical). Doesn't this work much better?

Jewelry: All gifts (and therefore free); Amethyst handmade beaded necklace from mom; the ubiquitous David Anderson leaf bracelet, and moonstone/amethyst earrings from the bro (traded for at barter fair at the Oregon Country Fair).

Handbag: FREE faux leather plain black tote from Lucky magazine for subscribing :D
We love free. This isn't the best bag-- nary a pocket-- but its lovely streamlined shape and plain color are perfect for toning down an outfit with a lot of elements already!

Hope you like it... let us know what you'd do differently!

Happy tweaking-until-it's-perfect!


  1. There's no such thing as too much aubergine in an outfit. I loved it with the teal color, but you have a good point about all that volume.

  2. love the patterned tights, they are such a great color!

  3. Love your teal trench coat--I've been on the hunt for a trench coat for some time now and haven't found just the right one.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello!


  4. I don't blame you for buying 3 pairs of those fantastic tights! What a`steal, and such a great color. I too, am excited for taffeta weather :)

  5. tights and sandals.... i've been rocking it, it's not so bad... ;)

  6. OMG I love those shoes. Pairing them with the tights are great to transiton from summer to fall. And thank you so much for you comment. Keep up the great work.


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