Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Return of Grunge

We're sure you haven't missed the destroyed jeans, stud detailing and plaid showing up everywhere in the magazines and blogs lately... it is evident that the 90s grunge look has returned, quite bit before the "traditional" 20-year mark for trends to come back into vogue; but, as we were firmly entrenched in the plaid religion last time around, we're certainly not displeased.

The interpretations showing up on the runways over the past year (for the upcoming seasons) are more grunge-inspired than literally scrubby: as Focus on Style puts, it, "[t]hink of the essence of a downtown rocker with a northwest casual vibe with an eye for off-handed irreverent style. It’s wholesome yet urban at the same time-- grunge but not grungy."

Start your grunge style off with an updated flannel shirt. No need to borrow your dad's or brother's like we did in 1992-- there are plenty of adorable, updated versions that are actually cut for women, like these cute little options with princess seam detailing and contrasting/reversible rolled sleeves, from, $18.99:

(Try to ignore the fact that the model looks to be about fourteen years old; when you're a bargain-hunter, you often have to venture into the geared-toward-juniors market, as we're sure you have experienced and noticed here... one problem, though, which Dollhouse acknowledges in the listing, is that things run tiny, so you often have to order up, and XL is often as high as it goes. Boo to excluding a good half of the population, designers!)

Or perhaps instead of seeking out a button-down, you would prefer to have your pop of plaid appear in a girly, sexy, updated manner, like these gorgeous tops and dresses (Via Polyvore (so right click the picture and open up the tab for your prices, brands and links!)

Next up on your list-- maybe only for the weekends, for those of us who can only get away with trouser jeans (or even only jeans on Fridays) at work-- will be a destroyed jean. You can of course DIY with your existing jeans and some sandpaper, or maybe if you're OK with your dryer getting a little dinged up, throw some rocks in there ;) -- but we found thrifty options for multiple body types.

Thrifty Destroyed Flare Jeans
Thrifty Destroyed Flare Jeans by ThriftyStylist featuring Hollister Co. jeans

The next item up is a pair of big black boots. Although we did take out our Doc Martens yesterday to wear with the jeans/dress combo, you don't have to be so literal and go combat or Doc... Some intricate stud detailing and fabulous lines will update and sexify that 13-year-old-you (or was that just us?) look-- and don't stop at boots if you don't want to; go for Mary Janes or fabulous booties, t-straps, sandals, whatever works for you and your fall climate! We're willing to bypass the $30 price point for a really nice pair of shoes so here are some fairly thrifty finds:

As far as accessories go... if you want to be authentic, get your handbag at your local Army Surplus store and wear a thick beige rubber band or two as bracelets ;) Otherwise, we think whatever you choose will work, since this is about updating the look, and personal style is always in fashion.

Happy grunging out!


  1. I admit it, I will be thrilled to be in plaid, ripped jeans, and black leather heels. I am not sorry to see the return of this trend. A lot of the 80's 90's fashion on the other hand I can do without nicely.

  2. plaid is very in style now and from what i see cheap! (cheep cheep)


  3. you know, this fake grunge thing does not sit well with me. to me, grunge was more than just a fashion trend. perhaps it was because those were the formative years of my life and i hold a certain amount of sentimentality toward that style... i don't know. but this does not please me (as much as i still wear old flannel shirts and the like). but for goddess' sake, i don't get why people spend insane amounts of money for brand new jeans that look old and holey. that drives me insane.

    how long is this trend supposed to last? so i know how long i'll have to be annoyed/pissed off by it.


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