Friday, October 9, 2009

What You Need: (Shoes Under $10)

Dear shoe god in footwear heaven, have we found the mother lode. We'd often heard mentioned in other blogs, but never visited, assuming it to be (like Zappos) out of our price range. So we were surprised to read on one of our new favorite blogs, SpoilsofWear, that their clearance includes shoes up to 95% off suggested price. Wow.

We went to the site, selected women's, under $50, and then sorted low to high. There are pages of shoes under $5 and many more under $10. Holy crap! That's better than Goodwill, way better than Payless; and they're mostly well-respected brand names, so we're not talking cheap crap (although a tremendous portion of the available styles we wouldn't personally be caught dead in; some digging must be done, or just leave that to us ;) ).

Staid and neutral and classic are all well and good, but sometimes a girl wants to really kick (pun intended) her style up a notch. Here are some gorgeous brights to make your wardrobe a little bit more spicy, all under $8!

Please pardon the fact, if you click on the set, that some of these are coming up Zappos. We swear we found them ALL on 6pm.

If you're not into the brights, or just need a new pair of ever-versatile black shoes or boots, you can get one of these beautiful pairs, also under $8:

Something is really wonky with Polyvore. Super sorry. Prices are wrong and links broken & going to Zappos instead of 6 pm. Sigh. But get thee to 6pm and you, too, can be the owner of some fabulous new shoes for the price of lunch. Yes!

Happy Shoe Shoppin'!


  1. I like the red flats. I would. :)

    Nice deals, there.

  2. you always find all the great deals...I'm going to need a second job to keep up with all the good deals ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great blog! Thanks for following me! I will return the favor!


  4. Oh wow! I will certainly have to go check out that site. Thanks so much for the post!

  5. I need another pair of shoes like I need another hole in my head, but those are awfully tempting!

  6. I'm a huge fan of and signed up for their daily email specials!

    I think the reason zappo's keeps coming up is because Zappo's and 6pm are owned by the same company?? Something like that. 2 branches of the same tree. Less customer-centricism (lol, wut?) on, but better prices.

  7. Thanks so much for introducing me to my new best friend! ;) who doesn't love cute, inexpensive shoes!?

  8. Blarg the thing with them though is if you wait a day its not on sale. :( no obsessing and waiting like I tend to do. None of your shoes are on sale anymore at least not in my size. wah.
    But great post!!

  9. I love the bright blue ones on the bottom of the picture! Very sweet. Only problem with bargain shoes is having a popular shoe size!

    What a great blog- I'll have to follow you!

  10. so sorry that things sell out super quick at these prices... anytime i do a clearance post, i do try to make sure the items are available in a wide size range when i post; i find TONS of really adorable things that are only left in XS or 5 or something, so i don't share those. but things tend to disappear immediately when they're under $10 :P
    thanks for comments everyone!


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